Monday, 12 July 2010

CASEee Mod

A few months ago I bought an Asus Eee 1005p netbook. I did this because I found that since building my desktop computer I was using my ageing laptop less and less at home, and it was too big and the battery life too short, for me to carry around everywhere else.

When I unboxed it my first thought was 'wow, every time I touch this its going to get covered in fingerprints.' It comes with a REALLY shiney black finish with tiny metallic blue specks in it, which looks extremely smart until you start putting your hands on it.

Since I've had some spare time on my hands, I did some research on pc modification forums and found a guide on how to strip it down.

After several days of umming and ahhing I carefully took the thing apart and removed all the shiney plastic panels. I cleaned the surfaces with a cloth and window cleaner, masked off a few sections and set to work.
For a base coat I used about 5 thin layers of white Hycote spray paint, the main design was done with acrylic artists paints and a Sharpie pen, and I finished it all off with a few layers of Hycote gloss lacquer.

the lacquer is acrylic based and designed for use on car paint, it dries to the touch after about half an hour and if you leave it for a day or two it sets rock hard.

Here are my results!
Back of the lid

Palm Rest

Detail of the light symbols

Seriously, not my fault if you break something!

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Sian said...

WOW. That looks fantastic. I wonder if there are any companion cube designs? I'm going to have to search.