Friday, 9 July 2010

New Blog,

The title of this blog is something my parents say to me often, I named it to remind me to get on with my work. :D

These are some old things I made, I'm putting them here because I think they're interesting and I'm still fiddling around with the layout of my blog, so I want to see what it looks like with a few words and pictures in it.

This is a model street made from paper and string, painted with watercolours. the houses on the right are about a centimetre in length each, to give you an idea of scale.

I don't think I'll do anything more with this right now, it depends if I can think up a project for it to fit into.

This is something I made a couple of years ago, in my first year of sixth form for a DT project I think. 
Ergh, market research.... I did like making things though.

Also, here's a Lego truck I made, I found a photograph of it on my phone, I hadn't finished it, and only made the front end, but from this angle it could be finished!

I haven't done any drawing in about 3 weeks, I really need to stop procrastinating and do a few sketches... maybe later, eh?

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