Friday, 15 October 2010

Porcupine Tree at the Albert Hall

Olly Skillman-Wilson and I are in London until 17.30 today and have to find something to do before the 7 hour bus ride home.

Porcupine Tree were phenomenal at the Albert Hall, it was the last show of their 13 month tour and they really went for it, Steve Wilson sounded a little gravelly but I think it added a little more depth to the performance. 
They also spent a lot of time making jokes about Cliff Richard, because he refused to remove his stage gear until the night before.

We stayed overnight with my good friend Adam Bennett, who's girlfriend Rebecca-Jane Joseph will be interviewing Porcupine Tree at the end of the week! She's a journalist and he's a sound engineer so she'll probably get him to translate technobabble for her. They had to leave early this morning because of their busy londonfolk lives, so we won't see them again before we leave today.

I have a grainy mobile phone photo to upload when I get home (Can't transfer it to my netbook till we get back home, didn't bring a usb cable or bluetooth dongle, bad planning)
Organising a trip to London ourselves has been the best bad idea ever.

Update (16/10/2010, 02:42): Here is the grainy photo I promised.

Careless Prog Costs Lives.

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