Thursday, 20 January 2011


Righty, its about time I made myself blog some stuff. I'll start with the latest and work my way back.

Recently we had to choose to specialise in pre or post production, I chose do to the post production pathway, had a bit of an introduction to compositing software with Georg today, seems less frightening than I thought it would be

Started up lifedrawing again today, missed the first session of term because of something or other... I dont remember why, but I distinctly remember not being there.

Over the Christmas holiday I was working on a model for one of the 3rd year's projects, it's going pretty well, theres been a bit of too and fro'ing about small details like how to make the character's hair, but now I know exactly what I need to do so all is fine.

Aquired a new grade at the kung fu club, I am now a yellow sash in assorted kung fu

I'll go get some screenshots and photos to pad this out and then update it in a bit with a bit more magic dust and fluff


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