Thursday, 1 March 2012

Textures and things

 Primarily I've been a texture artist on this project, although I've also been doing some prop and scene modelling. Here are a few turn arounds of props I've modelled and textured.




There are a few other gardening tools and plants that I've modelled, but these are the only ones I've rendered turn arounds for at the moment. Now lets talk about textures.

When I say I've been texturing, I don't mean I've been stealing 100kb jpegs from Google Images, making them 1024x1024 in photoshop and then saving them as a 6mb TARGA file. I've been going out with my camera and photographing things and what I can't find in real life I paint in photoshop using a graphics tablet. Before starting this animation course in 2009 I came from a fine art/illustration background, so painting and drawing aren't a problem for me and it feels pretty good to use some of my older skills along side the new ones I've learned. Time for an example!

 Here's a diffuse map from a grimey hexagonal window in the shed scene from Kernal, you may notice the hand drawn water droplets in the centre. Combined with a fancy bump map where inner glow is applied to each droplet, it makes this:

More texture talk later!

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